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Waste sorting and recycling

The task of Rosk'n Roll is to take care of the main waste management obligations of the municipalities, according to the regulations and orders, among other things. The tasks are performed in effective manner and saving the environment, irrespective of the boarders of the municipalities.

The owner municipalities are Lohja, Raasepori, Vihti, Hanko, Karkkila, Inkoo and Siuntio in Western Uusimaa and Porvoo, Sipoo, Loviisa, Pornainen and Askola in Eastern Uusimaa. The number of the inhabitants in the territory is 230 000. The customers are all the regular inhabitants and summer residents of the municipalities.

The company offers services such as,

  • reception of waste on serviced waste stations, recycling points and mixed waste points, in touring collection vehicles and in reception points of the hazardous waste
  • waste collection from households
  • arranging the recycling of waste materials
  • advisory services for recycling and waste management.

Rosk'n Roll has around 70 employees. Furthermore, the company employs dozens of workers as the waste transportation and reception services are supplied by subcontractors.

The company has 15 waste stations with service personnel. The offices of companies are located in Porvoo and in Lohja.

You can reach the customer service on weekdays from 8.30 to 15.30 by phone 020 637 7000 and via e-mail asiakaspalvelu@rosknroll.fi 

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